Hello, Penny Davis!

Helping online teachers and supporting those being hired.

Penny Davis lives in NC with her husband and 2 children. She teaches with VIPKid and Outschool and helps other teachers get hired.

Hi! I’m Penny Davis. I teach and recruit teachers for 2 online companies: VIPKid, and Outschool. I’ve taught online for almost 3 years and love the flexibility, income, and the relationships I have made with my students. It’s a great option for anyone wanting to work from home or work and travel since you can do this from anywhere! Teaching online is a great option for teachers who need more income, stay-at-home parents, retired teachers who still love teaching, college or grad school students, other professionals who love children.

VIPKid offers English lessons to children in China and around the world. I’ve taught with VIPKid for almost 3 years (more than 3000 classes) and have helped more than 600 teachers through the hiring process. I’ve been one of the company’s top referrers and they even awarded me a trip to China in August 2019 because of how I support other teachers. You must have a bachelor’s degree, a year of experience with children (teaching, babysitting, tutoring, church, etc.), and be eligible to work in the US or Canada. They prefer a native North American accent.

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Outschool offers teacher-created lessons to children up to age 18 around the world. Because it’s all over the world, we can teach any time of the day or night. You create your own classes, choose the length of each class, how many times it meets (once or a series of lessons), how many students to have in your class, and what to charge. I’ve been teaching with Outschool for about a month and I’m excited about the possibilities with this company! You don’t NOT need a bachelor’s degree but must have

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