VIPKid Hiring Freeze (?) and Getting Hired during a Quarantine

Have you heard the rumor that there is a hiring freeze at VIPKid? Don’t believe a word of it! Sure, there are some changes to the process during this crazy time we are in right now, but VIPKid is still looking for great teachers.

Let me know what questions you have. When you are ready to apply, please use this link so I can help you more.

When you use my link, you get access to the exclusive Hiring Bootcamp area of my website and to personalized help and coaching sessions with me. Be sure and message me or email me at VIPKid no longer shares your email address with me so I have no way to contact you unless you contact me first!

If you already applied for VIPKid and didn’t use a referring teacher, I can still help you with the hiring process if you add me as your referring teacher. You can do so by going on the VIPKID website where you signed up (the portal) and clicking on My Account in the top right corner. There is a place there to add a code from a referring teacher. Please enter code PENNY0008 (those are zeroes).

If you already used a referral code or link but they are not helping you or you don’t know how to contact them, you can’t switch but you can create a new account. Use a new email address and my link so I can help you!

Once you do this, message email me at to let me know. VIPKid no longer gives me your email address so I have no way of contacting you unless you contact me. I will then give you the password to the exclusive Bootcamp part of my website. It has in-depth information and tips for the hiring process and VIPKID teaching style. It also gives you access to the coaching sessions I offer several times a week.

Author: VIPKID Teacher Penny

Teach English online to children in China with VIPKID!

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