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Toys and Props – AliExpress links

All AliExpress products have free shipping to the US but it takes about 2-3 weeks to get here. Be sure and click this banner to get a discount off your first order. Ordering again, use another email address. I am including the prices for when I added it to this website but those prices may change. I have bought several things from AliExpress and been pleased with them. Follow one of these links then search for VIPKid. They have tons of stuff, including shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, even shoes!

It’s Dog Dino! So cute as the dog part on the head is a hood and slides to the back.
$25.60 with free shipping

A Dino scarf! Wow. Is it chilly where you teach? Warm up with Dino! It says it is 120 CM long (about 4 ft.). $17.39

The picture shows Mom, Dad, and baby Dino but the link only has the baby Dino and it’s a little funky looking. Still 20 cm high and only $10.47 with free shipping!

Santa Dino! Perfect for Christmas!
$16.99 with free shipping

It’s Lee from PreVIPKid Level 1! Great prop to engage the little ones. $14.99 with free shipping!

Dino’s Sister! She’s so cute and a great class prop. $14.99 with free shipping!

Toys, Props, and Rewards – Amazon links – I try to choose items that are Prime eligible or have free shipping.

Learning Resources Smart Snacks Rainbow Color Cones $16.59 Prime
This is the ice cream stacker toy I have and it stack s really well and stable. No danger of them falling over. I love this toy for rewards and as a food prop. If it’s a new to me student or a trial class, I almost always reach for this reward. We stack the ice cream cones. We pretend to eat them. We identify colors and count them. “Do you like ice cream? Yes, I like ice cream?” Great prop!

Liberty Imports Ice Cream Stacking Tower Balancing Game  $10.95 Prime
This is another ice cream stacking toy that has more realistic ice cream but stacks kind of wonky. But it has a stand.

The Puppet Company – Knitted Puppet – Dylan $13.88 Prime – super deal!
Such a cute puppet for modeling conversations or helping a shy student feel more comfortable in the classroom.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Animal Magnets $9.77 Prime
Melissa and Doug have great toys to use for props. This link actually has animals, farm animals, and shape magnets for different prices.

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