Help for after you are hired.

If you are wanting to know more about VIPKid or wanting to be hired, please go here.

Congratulations! You passed your mock class and now you’re hired by VIPKID! This section will help you learn more about VIPKid, it’s policies and procedures and help you with teaching.

The first thing you need to do is join our Facebook group for hired teachers: VIPKID Teachers Hired!

This video is the raw footage of a new teacher workshop I did. I go through how to make your profile stand out, the VIPKid portal, how to open booking slots, what to do when you get booked, how to get into the classroom, and the new classroom and how it works. Better videos are coming after my China trip but this will get you started.

Read through the following links. These are not written by VIPKID but by a VIPKID teacher who has taught 2000 classes. I try to keep it up to date with VIPKid policy, but if you see something different, always go by VIPKid policy. Message me through our contact page if you see anything different!

This information is available to anyone but should not be copied. You can share the link with them.

You’re hired! Now what?


How to Get Bookings

I Got Booked! What do I do?

The VIPKID Classroom

Trial Classes

Unit Assessments – UAs

Parent Feedback

VIPKID Acronyms, language, and other websites

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