VIPKID Acronyms and other websites

Acronyms and VIPKID Language

We speak our own language, so here’s your guide to VIPKIDese

  • BJT – BEIJING time – you translate to your own time zone
  • CLT – Chinese Lead Teacher, now changed to LP (Learning Partner)
  • CVC – Consonant Vowel Consonant word (cap, mat, hat)
  • CVCV (CVCe) – Consonant Vowel Consonant e word (cape, mate, hate)
  • ESL – English as a second language
  • FM – Firemen (the helpful tech people in China) you can talk to them by classroom or app 
  • Free Talk, Proper Grammar, Voice of VIPKid, Grammar, JCL – BIO, JCL – Music – these are all supplementary courses that kids can take in addition to the Major Course classes.
  • HFW – High frequency words (sight words)
  • MC – Major Course – regular classes in their regular curriculum
  • MCM – Mock Class Mentor
  • PT – Peak time (6-10pm Mon-Sun & all day Sat-Sun BJT)
  • PPT – Peak peak time (7-9pm BJT) 
  • PPT – Powerpoint
  • Portal – the VIPKID teacher website
  • PreVIP – Level 1 students – Usually age 3-6 but some could be as young as 2! They are fun but require lots of energy and no extra language! 
  • SN – Short notice booking. If it’s booked within 24 hours you get an extra $2.
  • SNS – Student No Show – if the child doesn’t show up for class. We still get paid: 100% for a MC class but we have to stay in the classroom the whole time, 50% for trials but you only have to stay 15 minutes or until it is listed as a no show on your classroom list. 
  • T1 – Trial classes – parents can sign up for 3 classes for free. We assess what level they are and let them experience VIPKID. 
  • TD – Teacher directions
  • TNS – Teacher No Show – avoid this at all costs! 6 of these in a 6 month period and you are fired. 
  • TOEFL – a Test of English as a foreign language. This is a test that students must pass to get into higher education. There are some advanced classes offered within VIPKID to prepare for them. 
  • TESOL or TEFL – different certifications that you can get for ESL. You can take an online course. Check Groupon. I got mine for $9. It won’t get you a pay raise but looks good to parents in your bio. 
  • VIPKID is now offering their own TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages – Tea-Saul) certification. Look under Resources, Certifications, EDU Course. Get both levels of this certification as soon as possible. Read more about the VIPKID TESOL here.
  • TPR – Total Physical Response –  get your student to move and they remember more. Talk with your hands. make the shape of the letters. Use props, etc.
  • UA – Unit assessment (lesson 6 & 12) – tests what they have learned

Other Websites and FB groups

I’m going to list several links to sites that we need as VIPKID teachers. These will be more for those who have been hired than in the interview process, but it’s good info. I’ll keep adding to this list.

Teacher Portal – main VIPKID site for booking, teaching, interviews – this is a China based server
If you have problems getting on to this server, try one of these servers. – US based server – spare site

FreshDesk – VIPKID site for training, workshops, curriculum corrections, and general info. It takes a few days after you are hired to get access set up. They will send you an email.

The Hutong – VIPKID site for forums, challenges, and updates. You can also use the Maven app on your phone to do the challenges here.

VIPKID Teachers Community – large FB group for VIPKID teachers. Over 20.000 members. You might get an answer to something faster there than just with me. Particularly if you have already been hired.

The above community created this document with some basic VIPKID info. Think of it as the operating manual for VIPKID.…/1KJctVntnSKY2mJf1sLv_LSR3eaf…/edit

VIPKid Education (Official VIPKid Group) – this is a Facebook group that is officially run by VIPKid. They have moderators in the group that convey concerns directly to VIPKid. If you’re having a problem, this is the place to get help.

Weibo – this is Chinese Twitter. They cannot access Facebook or Twitter but have their own social media. You can create an account on that to promote yourself. Upload your pics, videos, bio. Tag #VIPKID# and #VIPKIDteacher. I have an account I managed to setup on my phone but have no idea how to access it on the computer! I think it got me some bookings when I first started.

If you want to use Weibo, join this FB group.

VIPKID Props and Reward Systems – FB group that shares lots of props and reward ideas.

VIPKID Google Slides group – FB group that has created thousands of Google slides presentations for rewards and to enhance the lessons. They also have an amazing planner that helps you write feedback. 

Many Cam – this is a download that allows you to do all sorts of neat affects with your camera. You can change your background using a green screen (paid version). You can add pictures on it to use for rewards. I use it every day along with Google slides from the group above. You can purchase it at a discount ($24.95 per year as opposed to $69) through the 6 Apple club.
Join this FB group for more details.
Watch videos from Teacher Elly to learn how to use Many Cam

Collaborative Lesson Bank
This is a Facebook group that has created a huge Google doc with info on every lesson. It has feedback templates and much more. You must join the group, take the training and pass a quiz to get access to the doc.

Translator used by VIPKID

Feedback Panda
This is a Chrome extension that partners with the VIKid portal and has prewritten feedback for every lesson that automatically plugs in your student’s name. It’s $10 a month but you get a free 30 day trial.

VIPKid Chinese – Say What!
This is a Facebook page started by my friend Ed Nace. He lived in China and taught ESL there so he understands the culture and speaks the language. If you can’t figure out what a parent is saying in feedback, you can ask in that group. There are several who speak and read Mandarin well that can help.

He has also written a book on writing feedback that really should be mandatory reading for all VIPKID teachers! Get the book here.

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