VIPKid: Top 10 Must Have Props

I love to use props to enhance my lessons. Whether it’s a silly hat, a flashcard, or plastic fruit, having some basic props helps you teach.

Some people are prop minimalists and only use a set of flashcards and whiteboard. Others have rooms full of props. I fall somewhere in the middle but still have way too many!

When I first started, I thought I just HAD to have all these super complicated props. I couldn’t teach without ALL the animals and ALL the food and…and….

Yeah, that’s just part of them. Seriously, I need to downsize!

Don’t fall into that trap when you are new. You don’t have to have everything! Keep it basic and expand over time.

Now, at 2300+ classes, I find that I reach for the same props over and over. So this is my list of my top 10 favorite props. Some of them are a category and include similar items.

Spoiler alert: my #1 favorite props are digital props. I am a huge fan of Google Slides digital props and use them in almost every lesson! They are Google Slides presentations that have already been prepared by other teachers and go along with every lesson. You can display them on your phone or tablet and hold it up to the video camera or use a program like ManyCam or CamTwist to show it as a part of your video feed.

For more info on Google Slides for VIPKid, join this Facebook group:

Another tip that’s not in the video: if you print lots of stuff, consider getting an HP printer that uses their “Instant Ink” program. For a small monthly fee they keep you supplied in ink in advance of running out. You can choose plans with just a few pages or lots and anything unused, rolls over to the next month. Use this link and get a free month for both of us!

So what say you? What are your favorite props? Leave me a comment here or on my YouTube video!