Protecting and Building Your Online ESL Business

This speech was given on January 25, 2020 at the “Georgia Loves Dino” conference in LaGrange, GA. Thank to my sweet friend Melissa Miller for asking me to come. The audio and video is not the best quality but you can still hear.

Special thanks to Kristina Garcia for being my camera-gal!

Teaching ESL online is not just a hobby or a side gig; it’s your business. So treat it like a business! Build it and protect it.

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Books – full disclosure, some of these links are affiliate links and if you purchase them, I may make a little bit.

Ed Nace lived in China, taught ESL and speaks Mandarin fluently. He has written the Bible on writing meaningful feedback and has tools to help you write it quicker. Check out his website:

“Young China: How the Restless Generation Will Change Their Country and the World” by Zach Dykchtwald

“Little Soldiers: An American Boy, a Chinese School, and the Global Race to Achieve” by Lenora Chur

“It’s All Chinese To Me: An Overview of Chinese Culture, Travel & Etiquette” by Pierre Ostrowski

Amy Porterfield “Online Marketing Made Easy”…

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Other videos to help you: Understanding the VIPKid teacher style…

VIPKid: Unit Assessments and Final Projects

Been booked for Unit Assessment with VIPKid? Are you freaking out with all those slides? Where are the answers to the questions? What is this map/game thing? Should I use a secondary reward? How do I score their answers?

Never fear! Teacher Penny Davis is here to help! She takes you into a VIPKid classroom and shows you the UA game, the feedback, and walks you through what to do with all those slides! For more help, visit and click on “Help for after You’re Hired.”

VIPKid: Pay Period Changes Explained

VIPKid changed up our pay periods in October 2019 and there is lots of confusion with the changes! Where are the incentives? When will I get paid?

I break it down for you in this quick video.

From the VIPKid Teacher Portal.

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