Which VIPKid interview is the best one to do?

You have several options for the Interview Stage with VIPKid. Which one is best?

Once you pass the basic information, VIPKid will begin sending you lots of emails, phone calls, texts, smoke signals, etc. pushing you to schedule an interview immediately. Don’t do it yet! This is not a normal interview. You have to teach a class as part of the interview and you must use their teaching style to do that. As a part of teaching that lesson, you will need to set up a simple classroom background, prepare some props and have the appropriate equipment.

You have several choices for this step: 

  • Live Interview and Simplified Demo Class: a brief interview to confirm your details and then you teach a 5-minute lesson “Me, Myself, and I” in the VIPKid classroom.
  • Recorded Interview and Simplified Demo Lesson – You’ll watch 5 short videos about the VIPKid teaching style and take a simple quiz. Then, you’ll record a short introduction and teach 3 slides. This is done on the VIPKid website.
  • Smart Demo – This interview is done completely on your smartphone on the VIPKID Teach App. It has some reading, a 5 question quiz on the reading and then you record yourself on the phone teaching one slide for 2:30.
  • Jumpstart Session – This is a new online video conference coaching session that you attend. It’s about 1.5 hours long. It is held several times a day. If you attend it, you go straight to the next step without doing an interview or demo lesson. If you don’t see the option for it or get an email about it, email them at teachvip@vipkid.com.cn and ask for an invitation to it.

I used to recommend the Live Interview but they have made some changes recently that make me now recommend the Smart Demo. The salary is determined by your education, experience and certifications. You would get the same salary no matter what interview you do, so do the quickest and easiest one. The Smart Demo only has you teach one slide so do it! The new Jumpstart is even faster!

There are other videos on my YouTube channel to help you prepare for the different interview options but there is more detailed help in the Hiring Bootcamp that is only accessible if you use my link to apply. Click here to find out how to apply.

Haven’t applied yet? Use this link: https://t.vipkid.com.cn/?refereeId=7151621&refersourceid=a01

If you’ve already applied and didn’t use a referral code or link, I can still help you with the hiring process if you add me as your referring teacher. You can do so by going on the VIPKID website where you signed up (the portal) and clicking on My Account in the top right corner. There is a place there to add a code from a referring teacher. Please enter code PENNY0008 (those are zeroes). If you are not able to add the code, message me.

Once you do this, email me at teacherpennyvipkid@gmail.com to let me know. VIPKid no longer gives me your email address so I have no way of contacting you unless you contact me. I will then give you the password to the exclusive Bootcamp part of my website. It has in-depth information and tips for the hiring process and VIPKID teaching style. It also gives you access to the coaching sessions I offer several times a week.

VIPKid: How to teach the Smart Demo slides – UPDATED!

Are you in the hiring process for VIPKid? Wondering which interview you should do? I recommend doing the Smart Demo! This is my updated video with the latest techniques that they are looking for.

VIPKid now determines your salary by your education, number of years of experience with children and certifications. How you teach is just a pass or fail and does not affect your salary. Since that is the case, do the simplest interview, the Smart Demo. In it, you only teach one slide!

You still have to know the VIPKid teaching style though, so watch this video first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH4AfVCCEOc

I recently got to sit down with one of the Mock Class Mentors and ask her about what they are looking for in the interview and mock classes. She helped me understand some of the details about the process and the specifics of their criteria.

What I was teaching before wasn’t wrong, it just wasn’t exactly their idea of the ideal way to teach it.

For more help, please visit my website, http://www.hellopennydavis.com If you have not applied yet, please use this link to apply: https://www.vipkid.com/teach?partnerId=15506450

If you’ve already applied and did not use a referral code or link, I can help you more if you add my code to your application. You can do so by going on the VIPKID website where you signed up (the portal) and clicking on “My Account” in the top right corner. Where it says, “Add referral code,” please enter code PENNY0008 (Penny zero zero zero 8). You must add this before you do the demo lesson.

If you already used a referral code or link but they are not helping you, or if you can’t add my code, you can create a new account. Use a new email address and phone number and my link so I can help you!

As my referral, you get my personalized help, access to private coaching sessions and to the exclusive VIPKID Bootcamp on my website with extensive training materials to help you through the process.

Once you apply with my link or add my code, please email me at teacherpennyvipkid@gmail.com so I can send you the information to help you through the process. VIPKid no longer shares your email address with me so you have to email me.

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